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Crime in Houston Heights – Innerloop Crime on the Rise – 2019

Crime in Houston Heights – Innerloop Crime on the Rise – 2019
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Crime in Houston Continues To Rise Every Day

In recent times, Houston has become a hotbed for petty crimes as well as major incidents of criminal activity alarming law enforcement agencies as well as local residents. Reports have included theft of vehicles, robberies on gunpoint and even a botched drug raid. All of these crime reports show how Houston has gradually turned less safe for its people and how important it is for law enforcement to adopt stricter policies to safeguard the residents.

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Man Shoots Dog at Heights Park

It is becoming a crazy world when you can’t let your dog out at the park without your dog being shot. They said it happened around 7:30 p.m. on Thursday at the Houston Heights Park. Bruce Waddle, let his dog out just for a moment the dog’s name are Zoe and Lady. Bruce was trying to help another dog wow he soon realized that his dog was missing. Unfortunately his dog got in a little scuffle at the park with another large black dog. Bruce said he ran towards his dog and was screaming that he was on the way and everything was okay to calm down. The dogs soon stopped and he was just feet away from his dog. When the owner of the other large black dog pulled out his pistol and shot Bruce’s dog in the head dead. The entire park was in a panic, as there was a near Little League baseball game going on.

Houston Police Department State they are investigating the alleged shooting, however they do state the law requires for every pet to be leashed.  The person who shot the dog has a license to carry a concealed weapon, however the investigation is for animal cruelty. I absolutely love my dog and I always keep her on a leash because she has a bad temper. she is only 7 lb Poodle but I know she likes to get in fights. but there has to be a line drawn before pulling out a weapon to kill an animal. where is that line? Witnesses do state that the altercation between the dogs was over.  What’s your opinion?

HEB Deadly Attack on Women in Houston Heights

Just a few days ago a metro bus ran over two people waiting at the Metro Transit Center. News reports claim that the condition of both the victims is unknown. A Reddit user posted about the incident mentioning that one of the victims was his roommate. According to his comments, the victim has suffered severe injuries, which can cause lifelong disability.

Metro Killed A Man Just Walking

In another incident, a lady reported that her boyfriend’s truck was stolen around 2:00 am from the parking at 22nd near Crew Fitness. While the information had been reported to the police, they did not have any information yet about the person who stole the car or the whereabouts of the car itself.

Knife crime
Criminal with knife weapon threatening to stab

Robbery at Lei Low

And since we are on the subject of robberies, a recent report also spoke of a gunpoint robbery at the parking lot of Lei Low. The robbery was carried out in the night by a Hispanic female along with a male who carried a rifle. They robbed the victim of her phone and wallet after a small fight which ended when the robbers pulled the rifle on the victim. The phone was later found dumped in a ditch.

Starbucks Theft in Seconds

While night-time robbery is already a concern, daytime theft is also beginning to rise in Houston. A lady reported that her husband’s car was broken into and his laptop, briefcase, phone and some important papers were stolen from the parking at Starbucks on Nicholson and 610. This happened at 9 in the morning.

It is important to be extremely careful and to make sure that you always lock your car if you leave it even for a few minutes. Since prevention is always better than cure, take preventive measures to avoid such incidents.


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