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Star guest

How to Be The Star Guest at Thanksgiving Lunch/Dinner

So you want to be the star guest... ok maybe not the star, but dammit people will love ya!  So here are a few tips; Don't bring the same ol' same ol', bring something different but tasteful Empanadas which are delicious and you can tell a story behind them -  They are from Colombia and are delicious appetizers Tamales are great Make sure to bring ask for Chicken or Beef as some guest...

Roasted turkey garnished with cranberries on a rustic style

How To Make The Perfect Turkey

Making the perfect Turkey is 100% a necessity is Texas, and most likely the rest of USA.  Americans love juicy, tasty, delicious turkey.  So follow these easy tips.  I personally learned to ; Wash it well with cold water Keep the giblits and the rest of that inside stuff for the gravy and sop Do NOT immediately cut the turkey when it is done -- LET is sit for 30 min to Allow the juices to...

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