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Negotiating the Best Deal for Your Home

This is a bit tricky, because a great agent has been trained in the art of sales. We examine everything, like body language and your words are so important. Even the eye dialate when a person is lying. Maybe they touch their face a lot and I know they are hiding something. So talk in person if you can to read that agent or sellers body language. If your over the phone chose your words wisely. Don't...

Home Buying Tip #3 – Use technology to your advantage

Tech can beat your competitors (other buyers) Now you have your needs sheet. Give this sheet to your experienced realtor or broker. They can set you up a internet portal with MLS (MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE) that updates you immediately. What does it do? If a home is newly listed and falls within your parameters then boom it alerts you. If a current home listed changes it's criteria like for example...

how to find the best realtor

How to Chose the Best Realtor for YOU

The Questions Can Save You Money, Heart Ache, & Headaches Are you a full time realtor or part time realtor How many years experience do you have? How many closed transactions do you personally have? What times are you available to show homes? Do you work weekends? Do you work nights? How much notice do you need to show me homes? Do you require me to sign a contract with...

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