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Lights in the Heights Route Map

Lights in the Heights Route Map | Woodland Heights | Houston

Lights in the Heights   Our Woodland Heights neighbors have been suffering with traffic congestion problems and how hard (nearly impossible) it is to have two-way traffic flow with parking on both sides. Blocked driveways made them sick! To improve this situation, they set one-way traffic flow with parking on both sides for almost every east-west street t in 2018. Bayland, Pecore, and White...

Houston Farmer Market

Houston Farmers Market Update for 2020 Update

The New Houston Farmer's Market is on the search for new tenants... but the KEY is they want to hear from you... Yes you there on the couch. They have the space for few more new tenants, however the goal is to have the farmer's market represent Houston's exceptional taste buds. They would like the farmer's market be a place where everyone feels welcome, and can have their deepest food taste served. The...

New Houston Farmers Market in Heights

The new Houston Heights Farmers Market is located at the Heights Mercantile building on Heights Boulevard.   Started September 29th the new Farmers Market is open off the pathway entering the Heights Mercantile building. They hope to get a good turnout and if so they will do this twice a month. What I like about this is.... is not only do you have the pleasure of buying some organic super healthy...


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