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california invades texas

California Invades Houston Texas 2022 – 2023

The Migration of Californians to Houston Disclaimer: Trying to have a genuine discussion here. The mountain of Californians that I see moving to Texas on a daily basis is wild. The parking lot at my gym is filled with Californian license plates. The parking lots at grocery stores are the same. Just yesterday I heard a Californian talking about how nice everyone in Texas was and then a...

KKK Recruiter in Houston

KKK Recruiting Kids In Houston With Candy

KKK is recruiting children near the Houston Heights. Mrs. Garcia's, child is 7-8 years old (half mexican / half white). He was given a box of candy and some information about the KKK at a school bus stop. Mrs. Garcia was shocked, when she found the candy and information pamphlet in his lunch box.  Parents...

Houston Downtown Massive Upgrade 2020

Houston Downtown Finally Getting A Massive Upgrade

In Houston Texas, Downtown is the largest business district in Houston and it always surprises its citizens with never stopping developments. Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) has plans to convert the 57-year-old Barbara Jordan Post Office into a Massive Shopping Centre Office building with a rooftop farm. This project has plans to give facilities for everything like International dining,...

Bullet coming in to Houston Residents

Houston residents will be taking a part in the new bullet train that goes nearly 200 miles per hour. A Japanese company is bidding close to a billion dollars for the contract. It can get you from Houston to Dallas in about 60 minutes or...

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