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  • Killed meeting a Tinder Date – Houston, Texas

    When it comes to dating apps, we all want to find love and companionship ❤️, but the truth is, there are some dangerous people out there 😔. As a woman, I know firsthand how scary it can be to put yourself out there, especially in the age of online dating 📱. Wendy Duan’s tragic story […]

  • Man found shot to death outside bar in southeast Houston

    A man was found shot and killed in front of a bar in southeast Houston early Tuesday morning, according to police. The victim was discovered outside Palmas on Park Place Boulevard near the Gulf Freeway at around 2 a.m. An investigation is underway, but witnesses say the man may have been an innocent bystander. Caught […]

  • Mechanic Executed in North Houston

    Mechanic excecuted on Friday, Luis Manuel Casillas was found with a gunshot wound in the parking lot of a business in north Houston, Texas. According to his family, he was killed over a $500 repair bill for a job he was working on. Witnesses reported that they saw Casillas get into an argument with one […]

  • Parolee Accused of Committing Murder Despite Being Out on Bond

    Man out on bond accused of committing murder HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – People on parole are serving the remainder of their sentences in the free world. We’ve noticed several instances in which the state’s prison system and the courts take little or no action when parolees commit new crimes. 56-year-old Michael Carl Draper has six […]

  • Texas A&M Student Found Dead

    The search for missing Texas A&M student Tanner Hoang has ended tragically, with the announcement that he was found deceased in Austin near Pennybacker Bridge on Loop 360. The Amber Alert Network Brazos Valley (AANBV) stated that Hoang’s family had confirmed his death, and asked for prayers for the family during this difficult time. The […]

  • Scary Robbery in Broad Daylight – Suspects in $100K Car!? Weird.. Setup?

    Suspect drives away in a New BMW worth nearly $100,000 .. Very odd, maybe this was a setup? Listen to the Podcast Below  

  • Missing Heights neighbor, Mary Cerruti, left a self-portrait at home

    Missing Heights neighbor Mary Cerruti   Only a few neighbors on Allston Street knew a little about Missing Heights neighbor Mary Cerruti, a lady who quietly vanished around 2014. A year later, a realtor had to buy her Houston Heights home after a foreclosure auction. Then he offered all her belongings (trash for him) for […]

  • Shootings in Houston Heights possibly linked to unsolved Baytown murder

    Shootings in Houston Heights possibly linked to unsolved Baytown murder   On November 2018, local police informed the responsible for shooting a man in Houston Heights the previous month could be related to two other shootings. Houston Police with Baytown Police held a televised conference and released a composite sketch of the suspect.  Police also […]

  • Federal raid of Houston Heights tortilleria finished with 11 detained

    Federal raid of Houston Heights   Unfortunately, you can see these types of cases in our beloved Houston see more often than it should. For instance, in 2015, Federal investigators carried out a raid at a Houston Heights tortilleria. There, almost a dozen workers handcuffed and detained. Federal investigators say this immigration raid was part […]

  • Missing Heights Teen Found in Houston

    Missing Heights Teen Found in Houston   I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since we receive the news of the Houston Police Department finding a 16-year-old girl missing for about 2 months, after receiving a call for alleged burglary. Turns out the victim of burglary testified he let a young lady and her boyfriend stay […]

  • Houston Rockets Gets Hit With Fraud

    Houston Rockets got hit with fraud.  The owner of the Houston Rockets, Mr.Fertitta got his life jacked or should I say attempted slam-dunked.  Stephanie Hunter who is a residence of North Houston, just about 7 minutes from Houston Heights. She tried to open a line of credit for $750 at Target , and applied for […]

  • KKK Recruiting Kids In Houston With Candy

    KKK is recruiting children near the Houston Heights. Mrs. Garcia’s, child is 7-8 years old (half mexican / half white). He was given a box of candy and some information about the KKK at a school bus stop. Mrs. Garcia was shocked, when she found the candy and information pamphlet in his lunch box.  Parents […]

  • Realtor Attacked Robbed in Broad Day Light in One of The Best Neighborhoods

    It’s a sad day, when you can’t do your job safely.  Carol Jones a realtor simply went to show a home in one of the best neighborhoods of the city, and get blatantly attacked & robbed.   We thank God every day that she is not severely harmed. Monique B. below bless her family did not […]

  • Dead Body Found in Buffalo Bayou – Jan 2nd, 2020

    Thursday around 10:05am, a city worker found a dead body floating south from (Houston Heights area) towards Eado.  The body was too decomposed for the gentleman to determine what race the body was.   HPD was called out to the scene along with forensics.  Foul play is certain.  Missing persons department has been notified, but the […]

  • Houston Rap Video Turn Real … 6 Dead 8 Injured – North of Houston Heights

    A rap group was shooting a video named “High Capping Hoes” or something similar, when another group showed up on the scene and shot what witnesses state about 25-35 gun shots.  Rapid fire was used from some kind of automatic or semi-automatic weapon witnesses state.   One family lives nearby states: “All we want to […]

  • Christmas Eve Murder 2019

    Families mourn the loss of Carolee Taylor. Albert Simon is the suspect at large and is loose on Houston Streets. Albert Simon 53 years old was known by many friends to be very well spoken and polite. Everyone cannot believe this has happened. Carolee was celebrating her birthday at home when fatally shot. Was last […]

  • Crime Report for Houston Heights 77008 – Nov 2019

    Good news for Houston Heights – Last 30 Days has seen a near 50% decrease in crime.  View Video for Full Report.

  • Double Murder in Houston Heights

    A couple was found near the Houston Heights found dead at the 1600 Block on Bingham.  Around 6pm on Monday, the couple was found by a local neighbor who heard two gunshots.  The man lived there, but the women does not.  Not sure what she was doing at the location.  HPD investigates.

  • Houston Heights Halloween Arsonist Attack on Yale

    We have all drove past the Oddities & Curiosities location on Yale.  Unfortunately today, an arsonist apparently walked in with 2 gas cans and set the building a blaze.  Many people were in the building viewing at the time,  Mark Garcia said he was just able to get out before suffocating.  He was trapped in […]

  • Crime in Houston Heights – Innerloop Crime on the Rise – 2019

    Crime in Houston Continues To Rise Every Day In recent times, Houston has become a hotbed for petty crimes as well as major incidents of criminal activity alarming law enforcement agencies as well as local residents. Reports have included theft of vehicles, robberies on gunpoint and even a botched drug raid. All of these crime […]