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  • Garden Oaks in Houston

    Garden Oaks is a highly sought-after neighborhood in Houston, Texas, known for its stunning houses and well-maintained properties. If you’re on the hunt for a new home, this area is definitely worth considering. Currently, there is a diverse selection of houses for sale in Garden Oaks, including everything from starter homes to lavish estates. No […]

  • Houston vs Austin, Which One Its Better?

    Houston vs. Austin. Vitality capital vs. music capital. H-Town vs. ATX. Both are extraordinary cities and in spite of the fact that they are fair two and a half hours separated, they are night and day in how they compare. When making a move or indeed fair passing through, it is nice to urge the lay of the arrive for each city’s identity. Measure Matters Houston is a huge city. The 2019 census cited Houston as […]

  • Bridges Over 59 in Montrose

    The bridges lights in Montrose are not what they used to be a few years ago. It is sad to see that nowadays the bridge lights are not as bright as they used to be. Houstonians have commented on social media that these lights should be turned off. This, because in their opinion they no […]

  • Eado Houston – East River Project & Construction – 77003, 77004

    East River will encompass 150 acres and 60 city blocks. Rendering courtesy of Midway     As well-traveled locals know, great cities (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, London) boast strong, waterfront urban presences. Now, Houston is set to join that mix with an ambitious, years-long development along the East End.     Dubbed East River, […]

  • Federal raid of Houston Heights tortilleria finished with 11 detained

    Federal raid of Houston Heights   Unfortunately, you can see these types of cases in our beloved Houston see more often than it should. For instance, in 2015, Federal investigators carried out a raid at a Houston Heights tortilleria. There, almost a dozen workers handcuffed and detained. Federal investigators say this immigration raid was part […]

  • Houston We Got a Problem… DONT DRINK THE WATER! Mind Killer Amoeba

    Today Texas announced for Houston, and other various counties/cities to NOT drink the water! The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has confirmed that an amoeba brain eating bacteria has been identified in the public water system.  The water is contaminated with Naegleria Fowleri. Naegleria Fowleri is a brain eating bacteria that slowly eats your brain.  […]

  • Houston Heights Getting High… Weed Based Coffee Shop Opens

    Well folks, I never thought I would live to say this. But the Houston Heights is about to get high. A new coffee shop is opening up with CBD injections, and for those that don’t know about CBD it is derived from the Marijuana Cannabis plant. Also known as the DEVILS LETTUCE.   Location: Amsterdam Co. […]

  • Houston Heights History Trying to Get Erased

    Two lawyers from the Houston Heights are trying to do away with the Houston Heights historic laws that regulate the change or demolition of any historic homes. Two homeowners in Heights East, Kathleen P. and Paul L., have taken their fight all the way to the Supreme Court, arguing that Houston’s Historic Preservation Ordinance is […]

  • Tattoos.. do they hurt your future? Career? Success?

    Comment of the day above… LoL Tattoos… I have some, got them when I was young and rebellious. Thank God I can hide them, I actually paid a guy for a big one and he stole my ?. Thank God he did. Fast forward 20 years to today and I laugh at myself. So Tattoos, […]

  • How to Be The Star Guest at Thanksgiving Lunch/Dinner

    So you want to be the star guest… ok maybe not the star, but dammit people will love ya!  So here are a few tips; Don’t bring the same ol’ same ol’, bring something different but tasteful Empanadas which are delicious and you can tell a story behind them –  They are from Colombia and […]

  • The Train That Changed The Game (Video Thru Heights, Montrose, Innerloop)

    The Fatboy Ran Thru Texas – The World’s Largest Steam Engine – Check out this video

  • Texas DOT to Black People in Independence Heights = “Y’all Gotta Get the FK Out”

    So this really pisses me off… So Texas Department of Transportation is using what they call “Eminent Domain”.  Eminent Domain is basically the government can take your land if it necessary.  In this case, they are taking it for the Freeway Widening Construction Project. Eminent domain refers to the power of the government to take private […]

  • DWI on Bus Driver blames Donut.. WTF?

    So Linda 55 of Cleveland claims that she had a bad donut when she got pulled over driving a school bus by Houston Police department. She failed the sobriety test miserably, and in her defense says that she just had a bad donut. this is too crazy and funny to be made up this is […]

  • Police Chase in Houston Heights ended with Man Wanting Shipley’s Donuts as his final request

    16 Police officers and a police helicopter –  Houston police chase all around the Houston Heights area – Man hunt chasing an aggravated robbery suspect. Man was captured on Main at Shipley’s Donuts… his last words before being put in the car was “Can I at least get 2 Glazed Donuts before I go to […]

  • “Saggy Pants” law may be coming to Houston – 1 Killed So Far – Opinions?

    Houston is trying to push a law to stop the “saggy pants” trend. For more than 20 years now the saggy pants have been a trend in the urban areas of Houston and other metropolitan areas of the South. Just recently, Mr. Childs was killed running from a police officer who was going to fine […]

  • Beaver spotted in the bayou

    Houston is still full of so much nature. It’s all around us. Remember guys be kind and put trash in the proper receptacles. Nature still counting on us for their survival.

  • Spotted in the Houston Heights – The Tan Man

    Phil Brayton has been around Houston for 2 Decades now… and everyone knows him.   He was spotted near the Houston Heights headed towards town.  Do you know him?  Seems like a really cool dude.  He always has that big cigar too.  Keep rockin Phil!  Allen J. over and out!