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  • Houston’s Changing Neighborhoods: Gentrification and Its Impact

    Hey there! ūüėä Grab a tissue, because I’m about to share a heart-wrenching story about Ms. Johnson, a sweet elderly lady who has lived in Houston Heights for most of her life. Her story is one that brings tears to our eyes. ūüėĘ Ms. Johnson’s home in Houston Heights was her pride and joy. It […]

  • Houston’s Best Bingo Just Got Better !! BYOB!! 2023

    Well howdy y’all! Not too long ago, the Thursday night bingo games over at the SPJST Lodge 88 in Houston, Texas had ’bout 100 folks showin’ up. But now, you ain’t gonna believe it, we got over 700 folks from all walks of life comin’ every darn week! We got young guns celebratin’ their 21st […]

  • Houston Vs Dallas

    I wish I‚Äôd said it¬†to begin with, but I can‚Äôt say it any¬†way better. It still¬†starts¬†with an h. Houston¬†nowadays¬†may be a¬†dozen cities, and you couldn‚Äôt¬†allow¬†me any of them¬†in case¬†it¬†implied¬†I had to live there. Dallas may have¬†many¬†disadvantages, but none that the Bayou City can‚Äôt top. To begin with: the climate. Dallas has three seasons: summer, winter, […]

  • Why You Should Move To The Houston Heights

    The Houston Heights Boom The Houston Heights is booming. The neighborhood charm, location, and amenities attract a wide range of home buyers including first-time homebuyers, families, empty nesters, and relocating buyers. There are top-rated restaurants, excellent schools and lots of outdoor areas to enjoy. One of the biggest amenities for this neighborhood is its proximity […]

  • What Makes Houston Heights Special

    Houston Heights: What Makes it Special First of all, one of Houston‚Äôs first master-planned communities, Houston Heights is an upscale neighborhood of over 3,700 homes located North of the I-10 highway, South of Loop 610 and West of Highway 45. It‚Äôs close to shopping, several universities, and most major destinations ‚ÄĒ making it a good […]

  • Tips To Move To Houston

    If you plan to make the move to Texas, be prepared for lots of heat, music and entertainment! Let’s discuss what to expect when you are about to or in the process of deciding whether to move to Houston. There are countless benefits associated with living in and around Houston, but as with any area, […]

  • Houston Best Tips

    As one of¬†the foremost¬†different¬†cities¬†within the¬†US, it‚Äôs no¬†ponder¬†Houston¬†may be a¬†prevalent¬†spot to¬†migrate¬†to. With the second most Fortune 500¬†base camp¬†also¬†solid¬†fabricating,¬†aviation, and healthcare¬†businesses, Houston¬†may be a¬†great¬†put¬†to live and work. You might know it for the stuff that Texans from Dallas to Galveston cherish¬†most,¬†just like the¬†Houston¬†Livestock¬†Show¬†and Rodeo, or its¬†celebrated¬†nourishment¬†scene¬†including¬†tex-mex and cajun¬†in abundance. Beyond any doubt, the fourth¬†biggest¬†city¬†within the¬†US¬†may be¬†family-friendly and¬†gloat¬†a¬†affluent¬†work¬†market‚Äď‚Äďbut […]

  • Garden Oaks in Houston

    Garden Oaks is a highly sought-after neighborhood in Houston, Texas, known for its stunning houses and well-maintained properties. If you’re on the hunt for a new home, this area is definitely worth considering. Currently, there is a diverse selection of houses for sale in Garden Oaks, including everything from starter homes to lavish estates. No […]

  • Houston Heights Condos

    The Heights is a vibrant and trendy neighborhood in Houston, Texas, known for its charming houses and tree-lined streets. If you’re in the market for a new home, this area is definitely worth considering. Currently, there are a variety of condos for sale in the Heights, ranging from modern high-rise buildings to historic low-rise buildings. […]

  • Houston Houses For Sale

    Houston Heights is a popular neighborhood located in the northwest area of Houston, Texas. If you are looking for a home in Houston Heights, there are many options to choose from. Houses for sale in the Houston Heights range from cozy, cottage-style homes to grand, Victorian mansions. Many of the homes in the neighborhood have […]

  • Why You Should Buy a House in Houston

    Houston is a vibrant and dynamic city with a thriving real estate market. If you’re interested in buying or selling property in the area, you may want to consider joining one of the many real estate clubs in Houston. These clubs are a great resource for anyone looking to connect with other industry professionals and […]

  • How To Save Money Buying a House in The Houston Heights

    1. Step 1: Research the Houston Heights Market Do a very thorough comparative market analysis.¬† If you need one done, fill out this form. 2. Step 2: Determine if your budget fits the Houston Heights neighborhood You will need to determine your budget and whether or not it fits a neighborhood like Houston Heights. You […]

  • The House Of Your Dreams? We Have It For You

    Look at these best friends, isn’t it adorable? Samantha wanted a big backyard so she could play with Lex, at Homes Of Heights we helped her find her dream home. Look at that smile, isn’t that the most important thing? We can help you find the place you want too. All you have to do […]

  • Look How Happy Candace And Benji Looks!

    Candace has had Benji for a couple of years, but the place they used to live had no room for activities. When Candace contacted Homes Of Heights we gave her a lot of options that we knew would make her life better, not only for her, but for Benji as well. Candace now lives in […]

  • Modern Backyard? We Have It For You

    When it comes to backyards we have the best options for you. For example, what do you think of this one? Quite green, spacious and ideal for entertaining. Remember that in Homes Of Heights we have the best options for you, everything you need in a home we can make it possible. Click on the […]

  • Everybody Wants A Big Backyard These Days

    Do you like big backyards? Just look at this beauty, there is nothing but modernism, comfort and fun all around. Ideal for entertaining friends, having parties or even just relaxing. And yes, at Homes Of Heights we can get this one for you or with the qualities you desire. All you have to do is […]

  • Today We Sit In Front Of The Fire In Our Backyard

    Isn’t sitting in front of the fire the most relaxing thing in the world? At Homes Of Heights we know that and we have it for you. Just take a look at this cool, fire-lit, nicely decorated and comfortable space. We know these are the kind of spaces you love, so don’t hesitate to contact […]

  • Green Spaces in the Backyard? It’s Today’s Thing!

    I know that like us at Homes Of Heights, you have fallen in love with this beautiful courtyard. But it’s just incredible, all the space, the plants, the decor and the modern touch. Yes, we want it but for you. Imagine yourself sitting there enjoying a nice afternoon with your family and friends. What are […]

  • Lily and Myla Just Got a New Home

    Just look at all the style that Myla has, just like her owner Lily, she always likes to look good when she goes out. The best part? is when they come back, and Homes Of Heights is the place to be for these amazing friends. So don’t hesitate to contact us today and start looking […]

  • Your New House With Home Of Heights

    For every person there is a best friend, just look at Stephanie. She can’t stop being by her little Bolt’s side. Stephanie was looking for the perfect home for her and her best friend, and guess what? yes, Homes Of Heights found the place for her. What are you waiting for? Search for your home […]