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Best Reasons to Move to Houston in 2022

Not just any city is considered a beta global city. To do so, you must meet certain characteristics and offer a number of favorable living conditions. For those who don't know, living in Houston is a privilege.  This city is the perfect example that California and New York are not the only dream destinations that the American country has to offer, so stay and read about the advantages and disadvantages...

Hopdoddy Burgers: One Of the Best in Houston

Hopdoddy Burgers: Why You Should Go? Hopdoddy Burgers is a bustling, eco-minded burger joint serving all-natural meats, homemade buns, shakes, and craft beers for Houston diners. Uniquely housed in a former steel mill, Hopdoddy Burger Bar serves hand-crafted burgers, fries, shakes, shakes with actual organic ingredients, ketchup-based sauces, and their namesake hop-based burger patties made from...

Houston Heights Best Restaurants 2021 2022

Top 10 Houston Heights Restaurants For 2021

Texas is famous for wonderful food, that’s why we want to recommend you The Best Options To Eat In The Houston Heights now. In addition to The Best Options To Eat In The Houston Heights, there’s new restaurants and bars recently opened. Cantina Barba Located in 3701 N.  Main St. Houston, TX 77009, Cantina Barba has the best options for tacos and beer. One you can not miss. Neo Baguette If...

Houston Heights Mercantile District

Houston Heights Mercantile District – Take a look

Houston Heights Mercantile District   Located between Yale Street and 7th Street, the Houston Heights Mercantile is a fantastic urban market where you can find anything related to dining, shopping, and contemporary lifestyle. Let’s take a closer look to the top places you can find there   Looking for creative, funny clothes? Well, Chubbies is your place!   Warby...

Harold’s Heights restaurant

Harold’s Heights restaurant | Tap Room – Houston Bar on 19th Street in Heights

Harold’s Heights restaurant | Tap Room - Houston Bar on 19th Street in Heights   Today, we want to show you a fantastic place in our neighborhood: Harold’s Restaurant, Bar & Rooftop Terrace. Located on a renovated, 95-year-old building of “Harold’s in the Heights,” an iconic clothing store owned and operated by Harold and Milton Wiesenthal. The menu includes brunch, starters...

Mexicans Just Cant Stop Being Spicy…. & I Love it! Check this New Tamale Out!

Leave it up to Mexicans to come up with just more spice on top of spice.  That's why we are so firey and have this crazy attitude that our boots are much better in Ostrich.  jajajjajajjaja.... Come on folks i'm joking here.... I see you frowning over there Maria & Uncle Jose... tranquiloooo (relax). Any whooooooooooooo.... in Los Angeles and South Texas this new menu item is on the rage they call...


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