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Save Money Without A Realtor

Credit report

Credit For Home Buying

First–time home buyers can face more challenges than repeat buyers. In our credit for home buying tips we tell that first–timers often have a poor credit score. More often, they have no credit history at all, which is known in the industry as “a thin file.” Fortunately, a thin file might not stop you from buying a home. Multiple loan programs today can accept buyers with no credit score at...

Houston Vs Dallas

I wish I’d said it to begin with, but I can’t say it any way better. It still starts with an h. Houston nowadays may be a dozen cities, and you couldn’t allow me any of them in case it implied I had to live there. Dallas may have many disadvantages, but none that the Bayou City can’t top. To begin with: the climate. Dallas has three seasons: summer, winter, and two weeks of drop,...

Main Reasons to Live In Houston Heights

The Houston Heights Boom The Houston Heights is booming. The neighborhood charm, location, and amenities attract a wide range of home buyers including first-time homebuyers, families, empty nesters, and relocating buyers. There are top-rated restaurants, excellent schools and lots of outdoor areas to enjoy. One of the biggest amenities for this neighborhood is its proximity to shopping, public...


How to Buy a Home Without a Realtor and Keep All The Commission – Save Money

Regular Price $249.75 till July 1st 2019 Only $37.00 Buying a home is NOT hard at all.  It's quite easy actually.  You can do it, and save yourself $10,000 TO $100,000 that realtors get paid.   I'm a real estate broker licensed in Texas - License #0549644, with nearly 15 Years experience.  With 100's of transactions completed, you can feel great that you are in GREAT hands. How You Will Save...

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