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  • Top Areas To Move in Houston 2022

    Houston is colossal. Traversing over 600 square miles and with seven million inhabitants, Houston is one of the best 10 biggest cities and the fourth most populated city within the nation. This wonderful behemoth is abounding with great historical centers, given baseball fans, cutting-edge logical and restorative advancement, expressions, history, and a riches of incredible eateries and nightlife. KATY Over the a long time, the calm and curious city of Katy, Texas has developed to be one of the biggest and most prevalent ranges around the city of Houston to call home. Portion of what makes the range of […]

  • Houston vs Austin, Which One Its Better?

    Houston vs. Austin. Vitality capital vs. music capital. H-Town vs. ATX. Both are extraordinary cities and in spite of the fact that they are fair two and a half hours separated, they are night and day in how they compare. When making a move or indeed fair passing through, it is nice to urge the lay of the arrive for each city’s identity. Measure Matters Houston is a huge city. The 2019 census cited Houston as […]

  • Student Housing in Houston, TX | Aspen Heights

    Student Housing in Houston   Thinking about studying in Houston? Not sure about where to temporarily live while studying? PROBLEM SOLVED! It’s time to kick back, relax, and enjoy The Proper living. The Proper living is luxurious student housing in Houston of one, two, three, & four-bedroom apartment homes that can make your college days, […]

  • How To Buy A House in Texas

    How To Buy A House in Texas

  • How to Be The Star Guest at Thanksgiving Lunch/Dinner

    So you want to be the star guest… ok maybe not the star, but dammit people will love ya!  So here are a few tips; Don’t bring the same ol’ same ol’, bring something different but tasteful Empanadas which are delicious and you can tell a story behind them –  They are from Colombia and […]

  • How The Rich Get Richer – Real World Example in Real Estate Here in Houston

    How The #Rich Get #Richer… Here is a simple real world analysis on a investment property I sold this week. This is 100% real with live numbers. This is NOT magic, this is actually how I make my investors more $$$ with their $. I put the money to work with an appreciating asset.

  • Proposed 2019-20 HISD spending plan to incorporate no compensation increments

    As state legislators keep on wheeling and dealing over since quite a while ago guaranteed school money changes, Houston ISD managers intend to introduce a 2019-20 spending proposition Thursday with no matter how you look at it boosts in salary apportioned for any staff. Region authorities said they would amend the financial limit in September […]

  • HISD association compromises no-certainty vote in the midst of rising compensation pressures

    The leader of Houston ISD’s biggest school representatives association compromised Monday to hold a demonstration of general disapproval against the locale’s break director if a financial limit with worker increases in salary isn’t endorsed by mid-July, an indication of heightening pressures over the organization’s treatment of spending plans for 2019-2020. Houston Federation of Teachers President […]