California Invades Houston Texas 2022 – 2023

The Migration of Californians to Houston

Disclaimer: Trying to have a genuine discussion here.

The mountain of Californians that I see moving to Texas on a daily basis is wild. The parking lot at my gym is filled with Californian license plates. The parking lots at grocery stores are the same. Just yesterday I heard a Californian talking about how nice everyone in Texas was and then a second Californian chimed in, saying he moved here a few weeks ago and said “welcome to the neighborhood”.

I feel too young to have such a uber-boomer mentality. I try to tell myself that that not all Texans have the same beliefs or attitudes, and it would be unfair to make assumptions about a group of Californians based on their geographic location. But it does feel like they are moving here strictly for economic convenience and not because they value Texas culture.

What do you think? Are you excited about the recent migration? Will it lead to more diversity and an exchange of values or will it lead to tension and divisiveness?

Credit by Reddit: u/TekisasuProductions

Fact: “One out of every 10 people moving to Texas comes from California, according to a recent study by the Texas Real Estate Research Center at Texas A&M University”


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