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How to Buy a Home Without a Realtor and Keep All The Commission – Save Money

Regular Price $249.75 till July 1st 2019 Only $37.00

Buying a home is NOT hard at all.  It’s quite easy actually.  You can do it, and save yourself $10,000 TO $100,000 that realtors get paid.   I’m a real estate broker licensed in Texas – License #0549644, with nearly 15 Years experience.  With 100’s of transactions completed, you can feel great that you are in GREAT hands.

How You Will Save at Least $18,000 With This Course

  • How to find your home the easy way
    • How to use technology to find your dream home
      • This is a life saver — this tip alone puts you above 90% of Agents
    • Defining your need vs wants
    • Defining your budget
      • hidden Fees that add to your MONTHLY MORTGAGE PAYMENT!! Super important
  • Working with your local MLS (Multiple Listing Service)
    • MLS is MAIN SOURCE where homes are input into the system by the LOCAL REALTORS
  • How to write your contract on your home
    • Financing contingency
    • Sell current home contingency
    • Option Period –  Get out of CONTRACT free clause
  • Inspections
    • Example of Inspection
    • Cost of Inspectors
    • Additions of Inspections
    • What to look out for in an inspection report
    • Negotiating repairs
      • writing amendments
  • Getting Financing
    • How to negotiate the best rate
    • How to negotiate the best COST for LOAN
      • How to remove all junk fees
    • Fixed rate is not always the best decision for you
      • Variable rate to SAVE MONEY can be used wisely
        • when to do it
    • When to LOCK your rate, and why should you
      • This is SUPER important as well as 1/8 of a percentage can be $45-100 a month x 360 months = $16,200 – $34,850
  • Title Policy Insurance
    • What is it
    • Is it recommended
    • Removing Junk Fees
    • Are all Title Companies the same
    • Negotiating the best deal from ALL parties
    • What to watch out for in the Title Insurance BINDER !!
      • This is over looked 99% of the time
      • You need to look at certain parts of the title
        • Liens
        • People of took over parts of your land (encumbrance)
        • City rights / levy
  • Home Warranty
    • Good ones / Bad Ones
      • Same are just scams that are crooks,  they will take your money and never want to repair anything.  Some warranty companies look for ways to NOT pay for repairs.
    • Add-Ons
      • termite
      • plumbing
      • appliances
    • Negotiating who pays
    • Different levels of warranty

You will Learn so much more… You will know more then 95% of real estate agents out there.  Real Estate Agents pay me up to $10,000 to mentor them,  now you will learn from the best for pennies…

You also have a real estate broker on your side, if you have any questions or concerns.

Maybe you need help writing the contract, no problem I can help you with that.  If you need advise on negotiations, I can help you with that too.  It’s time today to start saving and making money.   Don’t throw away money that you can use on your down payment, closing cost, furniture, traveling, and maybe just a new car paid off!

Regular Price $249.75 till July 1st 2019 Only $37.00

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