Donovan Park in the Heights

700 Heights Blvd
Hours: Dawn to dusk
Entrance: Free
Parking: Free street parking

Are your kids tired of the same old park?  Who can blame them... not to long ago you know how it felt to see a new park.  You would go bananas!  Well imanige if that park had a wooden train- Donovan Park is not your average playground! They have an all wooden playground. Around each corner is something new; rope bridges, slides, fire poles, chain ladders, balance beams, monkey bars, a train and a conveyor belt bridge.  Let the kids go crazy.  Rest your natural parent park anxiety. The park is completely fenced with one gate at the front and one gate at the back so it’s easy to supervise.  Get out and enjoy the nice weather and great playground.  I myself tend to get lost in all the excitment.  It may not be smiled upon by the the kids but adults can play too.

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