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Houston Heights / Greater Heights Deals of The Day

These Heights homes are some of the best deals on the market.  Houston Heights is a great area, with a more traditional feel.  Lots of construction in the area, in fact too much…  Neighbors are upset a bit with 6-8 townhomes right next door.  The area has NO Deed Restrictions (for the most part), thus an owner can just do anything they want.  The Houston is experiencing an economic boom! For the last 10 years property values have increased more then 25%, though the most increase happened during the first 5 years.  Lately prices have been staying steady and plateaued.  Lots (just dirt) at average 5000 sqft WITHOUT A HOUSE range from $250,000 to $400,000, depending on location.  Houston Heights / Greater Heights has many little neighborhoods within it like Cottage Grove, Central Heights, Independence Heights, West Heights, and Timbergrove.

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Houston Montrose Deals of The Day

So Houston Montrose…. the coolest hippest part of Houston or at least I think so.  Some traditional homes here, but not much compared to the Houston Heights.  It’s a bit funky here, with art, coffee shops, bars, and some 5 star restaurants you get a cool vibe here.   However, with all these cool vibes comes at a cost ++++ you throw in 5 min to Downtown this equals EXPENSIVE HOMES or should I say expensive PER square foot.

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Houston EADO (East Downtown/Midtown)

Houston EADO is changing so fast it’s ridiculous.  I use to live in Eado about 7 years ago …  I never ever had a problem, not even a break-in in my cars that were parked on the street.  I thought that was so weird, on the other hand, my cars been broken into multiple times in some of the best neighborhoods… so weird… #truestory  …. Any whooooo EADO just boomed with prices and they keep rising.  So NO deed restrictions here, so you can just about do anything you want (legally speaking).  The streets are SUPER WIDE (width)… this use to be a warehouse zone in the 1930-90’s.   In fact it was majority owned by people of Asian decent.   EADO is about 2 minute bike ride from Downtown, so you can’t get much better location.  Builders are building like crazy here.  Townhomes went from average 225k in 2012 to about $375k now.  Lots went from $50k to about $200,000 (just dirt).

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Houston West University (WestU)

West University is such a beautiful peaceful area,  just the feeling you get there is totally positive vibes.   I love walking to coffee shops, and coming back to my little apartment that I paid $1500 a month for and was about 600 sqft.  Yes this is ONE OF THE MOST EXPENSIVE areas of HOUSTON.  Dirt is on average $500,000 WITHOUT a house.  So, if you’re looking for economical, this is not the area.  LOL…  West U is home to some of the most famous artist, professors, and enthusiasts in the country.  I would love to have a house here, but it comes at a big cost.

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