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The Official Houston Heights – Greater Heights Real Estate Firm

For nearly 15 Years, has been serving the community.  Allen Jimz the broker, is a 3rd generation Houston Heights residence.  With 100’s of transactions you can feel confident you are joining a family firm.  Because our focus is in the innerloop area – Heights – Greater Heights – Montrose – Eado, you can rest assure you are in great hands.

Helping Buyers from Keys to Close

The greatest advantage and benefit of working with our firm is our agents are full-time agents  and thoroughly trained. Being a full-time agent is very advantageous for you because your agent needs to be able to serve you at your convenience not ours. For example if you want to view a property at 8 p.m. on a Saturday evening then we can make that happen and we’re happy to do so because we are here to serve. another advantage of working with it an agent that  Masters this inner loop area is we can give you a better estimate of how much a property is worth based on not just the area but on what is going to happen in the future, such as future construction projects. another advantage of mastering this area is we know there’s a lot of sub areas within an area oh, and it cannot be treated as the same area even though they are labeled as so. Sorenson’s the East and West Heights have different values, and some streets have different values like Colombia versus 20th.   These little unknown facts are the true benefits of working with our firm.

Helping Sellers Earn Top Dollar From Their Property

Selling your house with the official Houston Heights real estate firm is one of the best decisions you will ever make. We make the selling process much easier than any other firm, because we know the area we can accurately estimate the value of your property, then we are the number one social media masters of the area with more than 50 thousand followers combined what are social media Outlets we are the only firm that can really get the buzz going about your property. in today’s  market it is essential that your property is seen over others. It’s not enough to just put a sign in the yard nowadays. The competition is tough for top dollar. We have to get your property in front of all the others. our firm has built million-dollar homes in the Houston Heights area that’s we have contractors ready to make-ready your home. We have painters, Carpenters, roofers, landscapers, plumbers, and professional floor installers That will give us wholesale pricing nearly 50% off of any price that you can receive and the job will be done right the first time.  All of these benefits are free to you when you list your home with our firm. We are also negotiation Masters, where to stand that communication is key when earning top dollar for your property. We have many techniques that we have learned over nearly two decades earn every penny your property deserves. then on top of all that at closing we review all fees down to the penny oh, and make sure you walk away with every penny in your pocket. The Office Houston Heights Real Estate Firm 832-305-7653

With over 50,000 Followers Combined and 100’s of transactions completed feel confident you are in great hands.