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About HomesOfHeights.com

Are you looking for a home in one of the Best Big-City neighborhoods in the Nation (#4 Rank from CNN). The Houston Heights is a neighborhood that is a true definition of family, small shops, and small town living. The Heights will engulf you with a lifestyle of neighborly folks. Most homes have a front porch area, where you can enjoy the quietness of the trees, but be located right in the middle of the city. Drive down Heights blvd on a Sunday afternoon, and you will see couples/families bicycling, running together, or maybe just enjoying one of many parks in the neighborhood. Well folks, we love to have you join our little neighborhood, and remember you do not need a lot of square feet, because here in the Houston Heights you will be living OUTSIDE your home, enjoying the neighborhood. If you have any questions, contact me directly using the contact form. I'm Allen J. by the way, the broker for HomesOfHeights.com, and I am a 3rd Generation Houston Heights residence.

HomesOfHeights.com is a local small real estate firm that supports the community with events, festivities, and local news. The broker, was born and raised in the Houston Heights, with 3 generations of Houston Heights heritage. We are passionate about keeping our streets safe for everyone, and supporting our local small businesses. For any questions or concerns please contact us.

Houston Heights Facebook Community Page.  

Houston Heights Facebook Community Page


Real Estate Broker for HomesOfMontrose.com

About the Broker

The Broker: Allen Jimenez is a dedicated full time real estate professional with nearly 10 years real estate experience.  His background is in Computer Science and Business from the University of Houston.   Working for Fortune 500 companies from 1997 to 2005 such as Dow Chemical, Xerox, PPD (Pharmaceuticals), SCI (Service Corp. International)  he decided that he had enough years behind a desk.  He started his real estate career with RE/Max in 2005, and soon received his Broker's license then decided to create his own real estate firm.  He was raised in central Houston and went to Law Enforcement for Criminal Justice Magnet High School, he had dreams of becoming a lawyer and in fact he still may pursue that career. 

Mr.Jimenez is a bit of a social butterfly, and loves to network, and create new business relationships every place he visits.  He is the type of person that just makes you feel comfortable, not pressured, and very at ease. He is the type of person you know you can rely on to get the job done, and get done correctly. His fidicuiary responsibility is his client's best interest and his primary goal.  His charismatic personality opens doors to those doors that you think cannot be opened.   One more advantage to his personality that I find admiring is his keen understanding of being able to stay focused and keep his eyes on the prize.   For example:  During a transaction in which he was representing the buyer, the seller was a bit condescending/rude sort of speak, (it happens in the luxury market), the buyers would become furious with the sellers attitude, but by Allen staying focused on getting that property to his clients, we were able to successfully complete the transaction and keep both parties happy, in fact their still friends today after all these years. 

His hobbies include golfing, dog training, social media advertising, app programming, and of course high tech gadgets, did you notice his Google Glasses on his face, and his Google Watch.  Some people think he is a bit of a computer geek, but he does not mind at all, in fact he embraces it.