5 Common Misconceptions About The Houston Heights

    • All of the Houston Heights is traditional

    The biggest misconceptions of the Houston Heights is that most of the homes are of traditional design. And to some degree Houston Heights style is traditional, however in the last 15 years we have seen some very contemporary homes built ranging from $400000 to 4 million dollars.  Here are some  of the Contemporary homes available right here in the Houston Heights for sale today.

    1.     The Houston Heights is the most expensive area of Houston

    Although the Houston Heights is very expensive it is not the most expensive area of Houston. We have a range of Home starting as low as 279 for a single-family home and 149 for a condo or townhome.

    take a look at these properties that are available.

    1.    Because there are no deed restrictions many fear that a non complementary business can open up.

    This is true to some degree however keep in mind that the property tax VALUES are a bit more than many other areas. And the land value is a bit higher than average, this eliminates many companies from opening businesses that are not extremely profitable in this area. We have seen many tire shops and gas stations and even some car washes that have been here for 15 or 25 years and they have sold to builders because the land value is so valuable. here are just a few lots that are available in the area today.


    1.   Taxes are extremely high in the Houston Heights

    This is another misconception of the Houston Heights, as we are still a part of the city of Houston and our tax rate is at 2.7% and with the homestead tax exemption you can be as low as 1.7%, and for senior citizens we can even be lower as low as 1%. Talk to your Tax Advisor and I do have a few lowers I would like to recommend if you’re interested that specialize in Houston Heights area and tax value dispute law.

    1.  Crime is higher in the Houston Heights

    Now this is just not true, and I hear this every so often. But keep in mind we still live in the city of Houston, and things happened everywhere. You can be in one of the richest parts of Houston such as River Oaks, Memorial, Houston Heights, Houston Montrose or you can be in some transitional area such as Fifth Ward or Third Ward.   things happen, always be careful. Most of the time I see a lot of things can be prevented oh, I see a lot of dumb things that people do such as leaving their laptop, purse, bags, valuables in the front seat of a car and someone breaks the window for those valuables. or I’ve also seen some people jogging at 3 to 5 in the morning and they get robbed oh, so keep in mind you still live in the city of Houston crime is everywhere so you have to be smart.

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