Top 10 Houston Heights Restaurants For 2021

Texas is famous for wonderful food, that’s why we want to recommend you The Best Options To Eat In The Houston Heights now.

In addition to The Best Options To Eat In The Houston Heights, there’s new restaurants and bars recently opened.

Cantina Barba

Located in 3701 N.  Main St. Houston, TX 77009, Cantina Barba has the best options for tacos and beer. One you can not miss.

Neo Baguette

If what you want is to try Moroccan French food, Neo Baguette is one The Best Options To Eat In The Houston Heights, they offer burgers, bread, coffee, salad and a lot of tasty food. They are located at 201 E. 20th Street, 7700, Houston and the prices are really affordable.  

We Olive & Wine Bar

Located in the 19th Street Market Place Shopping Center, We Olive & Wine Bar is famous for the  is the Basil Olive Oil and Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar, domestic, small production wines, olive oil inspired small plates that will give an experience like no other.

A 2nd Cup 

The fact that A 2nd Cup had served and educated over 78,000 Houstonians and have held over 360 human trafficking awareness events since 2015 is incredible, they have a social labor against Trafficking across the country.

Besides that, they have a complete menu which includes breakfast, pastries and lunch. Plus, they have an unique line of lattes that will make you fall in love with them, located at 1111 E 11th Street Houston, TX 77009.

Puebla’s Mexican Kitchen

Located at 6320 N Main St, Houston, TX 77009, this restaurant its a must if you love mexican food, they menu includes Bread, pastries & Mexican dishes such as tortas & gorditas, Plus, they have Dine-in and Curbside pickup, what are you wainting for? 

La Lucha

Owned by the famous hef Ford Fry’s, La Lucha takes food to a new level with a menu that includes seafood, cocktails, wine, beer, mezcal and deserts. This incredible restaurant it’s located 1801 N Shepherd Dr #A, Houston, TX 77008, and it’s open all week long.

Local Foods – The Heights

Local food it’s the place for you if what you like thins made it from scratch, yes,  with the best local ingredients from Texas they create amazingly fresh, hyper-seasonal healthy food. You can try sandwiches, salads, soups and market sides. But don’t forget they are at714 Yale Street Ste 1A, Houston, TX 77007 opening everyday from 10:am to 8:00 pm. 

Bellissimo Ristorante

With a new location at 902 E 33rd St, Houston, TX 77022, Bellisimo Ristorante its open for lovers of the italian cuisine. the food and service are first rate, great prices, so do yourself a favor and give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. Chef Javier’s pastas are to die for, and the best thing is that Bellisimo is family-runned so you can get the war home feeling.

Asia Market Thai Lao Food

Continuing with the food from all over the world, we have Asia Market Thai Lao Food at 3620 N Main St, Houston, TX 77009, their incredible menu includes curries, noodle’s, appetizers, rice, deserts and drinks. But the best thing about this place its the owner, Chomsy Saysane, who prepares all dishes himself.



Moku Bar

Located at 2914 White Oak Dr, Houston, Moku offers a casual spot where you can enjoy poke, tempura, musubi and everything related to.

In conclusion, these restaurants are doing a great job, great food, amazing treats and comfortable places. If that is what you are looking for, don’t waste any more time.


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